I would like to keep information about indicators that I discuss in a central location. This page will serve that purpose until I can figure out something that will be more organized. A few disclaimers about network indicators on this blog:
  • The name of malware may or may not be accurate. During investigation, I will name it according to the information that I have run across on certain sites; this is done to help me stay organized.
  • If a piece of malware has other names then I will post that information along with the indicator.
  • Some indicators will be old and outdated, such as a website on which a piece of malware may have been hosted. I will list those sites with the indicator. Not all sites listed here will be malicious and will require further investigation and verification.
  • If any of my information is inaccurate then please let me know, as I do not want to post false information.

Indicator Posts:

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